About Our Project

Elpida, a non-profit organization focused on education and cultural events for older adults and seniors, and Transitions, an organisation strengthening the professionalism of investigative journalism, have joined forces to create cross-platform educational modules for local organizations (libraries, senior clubs, etc.) in the area of media, digital and civic education for seniors and older adults. Thanks to the new methodology and trained lecturers, the project will subsequently, through these local organizations, strengthen seniors' confidence in high-quality journalism and increase their media literacy and resistance to manipulation and fake news.

In the course of the project we organize a Teachers´ Academy SEFTE (= SEnior Friendly TEacher) about the specifics of educating the senior population, events in regions for multigenerational audiences, engagement of seniors in on-line educational activities. In October 2021 a Barcamp for public & professional audience took place in Statek Luníkov to exchange good practice, experience, and ideas. As a result of our joint know-how we prepared a Methodology of media education in regions. Furthermore, for 2022 we prepare final conference & roadshow presenting the Methodology and all results of the project. In the meantime we are developing a new e-learning platform for on-line and off-line education for seniors.

Project duration: 1. 3. 2020 – 28. 2. 2023

Event schedule

15. 1. 2021
Introductory on-line meeting with project partners
21. 1. 2021
On-line meeting with partners, seniors, and students upon Media literacy for reinforcing the disinformation immunity
16. 2. 2021
On-line meeting for lecturers discussing Tips and Experience in Media literacy for seniors
12. 3. — 11. 6. 2021
Lecturers Academy SEFTE
20. — 22. 10. 2021
25. 3. — 20. 5. 2022
Lecturers Academy SEFTE II
Autumn 2022
Conference / Barcamp / Roadshow
7. 10. 2022
Barcamp II
8. 10. 2022
Workshop: Professional lecturer of media literacy for seniors and older adults
21. 10. — 2. 12. 2022
Senior Friendly Teacher Academy III.
16.-17. 2. 2023
Barcamp III.
March - May 2023
Senior Friendly Teacher Academy IV.

Current Activities

Nowadays, fake news have actively penetrated throughout the social media reducing our ability to critically assess and proceed the information. We are helping seniors learn how to spot real and fake news. We are organizing series of seminars called “Life in Information Age”, where people are taught how to recognize and respond to fake news. We aim to help older adults and seniors strengthen their navigating skills through the jungle of information. These seminars take place in libraries all around the country. The focus is to accommodate increasing demand for these seminars. (The details are found in the headline section Program)

The seminar called “REALLY?” (“IS THIS TRUE?) is an online seminar where people can learn step by step how to detect fake news and what are the characteristics that distinguish fake news from legitimate news. The concrete examples are being presented in order to demonstrate that everybody can easily learn how to detect fake news from real news.

To our great joy Elpida joined forces with students of New Media Studies at Charles University in Prague. In order to enhance our online learning platform a team of eager students are helping us design and develop online seminars for fake news detections and feature extractions.

We have designed Media Literacy Education methodology for senior citizens and older people. This methodology is going to be consulted with our regional partner organizations. The final version is going to be introduced at the autumn conference 2022 and also on the roadshow around the Czech Republic.

Thanks for the Support

The project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Active Citizens Fund. The programme promotes citizens’ active participation in the public life and decision making and builds capacities of civil society organizations. The Active Citizens Fund is financed from the EEA and Norway Grants